When a family is experiencing a difficult or challenging time in their lives, they often look to their community for support. One of the ways people seek support is by trying to raise money to assist their family in the hard times or raise awareness about a cause they feel passionate about. The main medium people use to get their message out is GoFundMe, a website that allows you to raise money. On the surface GoFundMe is great and gives people an easy way to raise money when people are in serious need, however they do take a large percentage of the donations and have payout thresholds.

At Metric Hunter, we wanted to give people an alternative to sites like GoFundMe, so that is why we are offering our services 100% free of charge to anyone in need. We will build you a page that directly links your PayPal so you can accept donations without any fee and be able to tell the world about why you’re raising money on a custom page designed by us. We feel like this could help a lot of families in need and we are honored to offer this no charge service.

How it works:

  1. Tell us a little summary about what you’re trying to raise awareness for
  2. Provide some content or information for us to put on your custom page. A quick summary and some photos will usually suffice
  3. If you’d like to raise money to your own PayPal, please provide an address where we can send those payments. If you’d like to raise awareness about a charity or foundation, please provide us with a link.
  4. That’s it ! We will provide you with a page containing all the information you requested free of charge. You can send your custom link to anyone you like to raise awareness.