We can recover your Instagram account in 24 hours or less. Guaranteed

How do we recover banned or deactivated Instagram accounts?

At Metric Hunter, we pride ourselves on our ability to recover banned or restricted Instagram accounts quickly and efficiently. We understand the frustration that comes with account suspensions, and we’ve made it our mission to help businesses get back on track.

Our unique advantage over other recovery services is our business account with Instagram. This account grants us access to exclusive support tools, enabling us to expedite the recovery process and restore accounts in record time. We also have a team of experienced professionals who are well-versed in Instagram’s guidelines and can help our clients avoid future suspensions.

But our services don’t stop at account recovery. We also offer a range of Instagram growth strategies, including follower acquisition and engagement optimization. We’ve helped countless clients grow their following organically, resulting in increased brand visibility and revenue.

In today’s digital age, social media platforms like Instagram are crucial for businesses to thrive. However, the risk of account suspension or ban is a real threat. At Metric Hunter, we’re here to help businesses navigate these challenges, ensuring that their presence on Instagram is always in good standing.

Do I have to pay to get my account recovered?

We understand the importance of delivering results to our clients. That’s why we offer a fully refundable service if we are unable to recover a banned or restricted Instagram account. We’re confident in our abilities and the effectiveness of our recovery process, but we also understand that not every situation is the same. If, for whatever reason, we’re unable to recover an account, we’ll provide a full refund to our clients. It’s just one of the ways we prioritize transparency and customer satisfaction in everything we do.

How do we get started on recovering my Instagram account?

Our four-step process is designed to deliver results while keeping our clients informed every step of the way.

The first step is to provide us with your account information and details such as the reason for the suspension or ban. Our team will then analyze the situation to ensure that it is recoverable before proceeding.

Next, we contact our team inside Instagram, leveraging our business account access to exclusive support tools. This allows us to expedite the recovery process and provide our clients with the best possible chance of restoring their accounts.

Within 24-48 hours of initiating the recovery process, we will have your account back up and running. In the unlikely event that we’re unable to recover your account, we provide a full refund of our services. Our team will also guide you through post-recovery measures to ensure that your account remains in good standing.

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