Running your own business is no easy task and can be even harder when you live in a luxury city, such as Vancouver. Many people have opted into the self employed route of earning an income and we wanted to share a few tips on how to survive as a Vancouver based web developer. Our city is expensive to live in, but it’s filled with friendly potential clients just waiting to hear from you; don’t give up!

Shared Office Space

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Shared offices are huge for Vancouver based web developers and Vancouver graphic designers since owning your own office space can add a ton overhead that isn’t required. A shared office space is an office that a number of freelancers share and contribute to the monthly rent. You can rent a small space in an office instead of renting the entire space yourself; that way you have a professional location to book client meetings. Some shared office spaces allow daily rentals if you’re not looking to commit to a monthly rental fee. For people looking to hire graphics designers or web developers in Vancouver, this is a huge bonus attraction.

Don’t Starve

Building websites works up an appetite and since a lot of us spend our free time working on projects, cooking can take a back seat. Even if you’re busy building websites in Vancouver, you need to make sure you’re well fed to keep your motor running. One way to do this and actually save money is to utilize promotions and discounts for food delivery services. Meal prep services such as GoodFood and Hello Fresh are also good options for those who like to cook, but hate the prep work. They have great introduction promotions you can take advantage of and cancel if you don’t want to pay the regular price; everyone should do that at least once. There is tons of promotions on food around the city and you can save a substantial amount if you keep your eyes peeled on placed such as Red Flag Deals.

Oh and don’t forget Safeway has 10% your entire purchase on the first Tuesday of every month!

Ask your favorite shops what you can do for them

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Door knocking is the oldest sales move in the book and is one of the most successful ways you can land a contract. Web developers in Vancouver aren’t usually the type to do outbound sales, but we encourage you to try it. The easiest way to drum up some business without much effort is start asking the places you frequent if they need your services. For example: If you visit a Vancouver coffee shop every morning for the last year, your rapport is going to be quite good so go ahead and ask the owner if they need a new website, marketing assistance or whatever service you’re offering. The worst they can do is say no and the best they can do is say yes; what do you have to lose? Rapport is the most important factor in closing a sale and someone you already have a natural relationship with is going to be much more receptive to your sales pitch. Another benefit to pitching to people you have rapport with is knowing the slight differences in culture that occur throughout Vancouver. A North Vancouver web designer is probably going to design sites differently than a Richmond based web designer for example. North Vancouver web designers will have more clients based in the outdoor industry, while Richmond might have more restaurants and farm related businesses.

People in Vancouver are some of the most friendly and welcoming folks around, so practice your sales skills on the lovely Canucks around you.

Expand your network of prospects

Businesses in Vancouver are booming which means they are looking to hire freelance web developers and graphic designers quite often, however this doesn’t mean you need to focus your entire scope on Vancouver. Start contacting potential clients outside of Vancouver and even outside of BC. You’d be surprised how receptive people are even when you’re out of the province; Canadians like to hire Canadians, no matter where you are. Just because you’re a North Vancouver web designer, doesn’t mean you can also be a Vancouver Island web designer; don’t limit yourself with city boundaries.

There is a ton of ways to make living as a freelancer in Vancouver a lot easier if you follow our steps. Cutting costs and being creative is the key to success when you’re responsible for your own income. We hope this article helps any Vancouver graphic designer or web developer in their quest to be self sufficient!