show up on google, where it matters.

help your customers find you

SEO is a buzzword you hear often in the world of E-Commerce and web design, but what does that really mean for your business? With properly executed SEO on your website, your page will begin to show for targeted keywords on Google, which helps your customers access your website when it matters. Don’t lose potential visitors by ignoring your websites SEO.

In fact, most websites that see a decline in traffic have problems with their SEO. We offer a free SEO audit to all potential clients to identify areas of oppourtunity with your current SEO. We use an advanced set of tools to optimize SEO and identify key metrics that will increase traffic to your site. 

A successful SEO campaign completed by Metric Hunter.

This is an example of keyword and backlink growth through natural engagement. This client spent a total of $0 on Google Ads.