Vancouver is one of the last cities in North America to allow ride sharing apps for its community. This is partly due to the chokehold the taxi industry has on the province, but the tides are starting to change and you soon will be able to use Uber in Vancouver. Fortunately, starting in the fall of 2019, Vancouverites will be able to finally use Uber and leave the Taxis behind.

So, if you’re reading this article you probably want to know how you can use Uber in Vancouver or other ride sharing apps. We have a simple guide on how to get started with Uber if you’re from Vancouver; it’s quite simple to signup.

How to use Uber in vancouver

How to get Uber in Vancouver :

  1. Download the Uber app from your phones App store
  2. Sign Up with your personal e-mail
  3. If you’d like, enter code: bryces1678ue to get $5 off your first ride
  4. You’re all set !

When can I use Uber in Vancouver?

The BC Government has announced that all ride sharing apps, such as Uber must have their application in by September 2019 and they can start operating as soon as October 2019. This plan will most likely roll forward without any additional delays, but it is possible it gets pushed into 2020. Other apps such as Lyft will be available in Vancouver too.

Can I use Uber in Vancouver?

Yes! You can now use Uber in Vancouver as of January 19th 2020.

How much does Uber cost in Vancouver?

Much like other provinces and states that Uber has been launched the price will be based on demand and time of day. The prices are not static for each ride and you have a choice of how much you pay. There is different tiers for ordering an Uber such as sharing with other passengers, vehicle quality and “surge” hours which can cause spikes in price due to a large event taking place and a large surge of people ordering Ubers. For example, if you were to order an Uber on Canada Day in Vancouver, you’re likely to face higher prices due to the amount of people who want to order an Uber as well. The tiered pricing is arguably the best feature ride sharing apps and is something the Taxi companies will have a tough time competing with.

Is there any Uber discount codes for Vancouver?

If you are looking for a discount code or coupon to save money on your Uber ride, you’re in luck! If you are using Uber for the first time, use the code bryces1678ue to get $5 off ! This is great for new users of Uber in Vancouver who want a promotional code.